In search of Axé (2005)

created and actuated by Raffaele Schettino

musicians: Mara Calcagni, Igino Caselgrandi, Pino Dieni, Riccardo Giannini, Antonio Santangelo

The dance of the Orixàs is the coreographic complement of the ritual Candomblé. The Candomblé was born from the need of the black slaves, deported and sold in Brazil, of doing their traditional religious rituals, prohibited by the owners. The Orixàs they are revelation of the spiritual power of the supreme divinity, Olorum, and ambassiadors from the Supreme Being to the men: they are the ancestral forces of the nature.

Each Orixà has a quality of 'energy', has a particular rhythm and songs, that are played with three atabaques, african drums of different dimension. In the festas nos terreiros , places where the rituals happens, the Orixà appears through the body of the partecipants (in trance ), dancing with his own rhytm, with its own specific dance.

'In search of Axè' is a tentative of research inner the body, through the elements that characterize the dance of the Orixàs, of specific qualities of energy (conrispondent at each Orixà), with the proof of trasforming them in theatral instrument: it's a first step in the research of the archetypes associates to each Orixà, a research of energy that goes through and lives our body, from the earth through the ignote.

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