The Istruction for Groucho Teatro is a key variable for research. This the reason for that the actors often move, even in areas geographically quite far, to study with master teachers already known or with new teacher to go deeper in their conscience or simply to share their knowledge with other professionals. Humility is the real key if you want access to new unknown zones of yourelf, as artists and as man. This word has a very strong operating value so as to transform the meaning of Groucho Teatro's pedagogy from a tool for teaching to a knowledge exchange tool. In this light, subjectively, Groucho Theatre's actors led their courses. It is not to teach to the students: they are sharing their experiences with some people in exchange for a personal experience. That's why never to talk about 'school' because it is not to teach, but to transmit and in the transmission there are not teachers and learners, intelligents and ignorants, but just the receptors. Addressing the participants in the workshops to a personal journey, they are encouraged to descover the keys that he everyone carry inside. From this process of discovery the actors-guides receive, as a mirror, new lights on their craft.

Of course the work is not at the mercy of freedom, in a bad sense.
The work is transmitted through the principles of organization of the plaintiff, that has nothing to do with a 'method', but that surely provides solid banks to the potential energy that only by this way can concentrate and explode, conquering true freedom.

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Project 'learning and having fun': a theatral workshop Lupus in Fabula, for children 3-5 years old and a theatral workshop COLORS AND WORDS IN MOTION for children 6-10 years old. In collaboration with the kindergarten Micronido 'The sun and cloud', Via Pizzo Bernina, 8 (Montesacro). Cost: 30 Euros per month.


Brecht's Game

Theatral course 'The game of Brecht' Annual Theatral course 'The game of Brecht' at the Circolo Gianni Bosio, via St Ambrogio 4, Rome. Annual duration, weekly every Wednesday from 21.00 to 23.00. Cost: 55 euro per month. Principles of the art of the actor on the view of Theatre Anthropology and work on dramaturgy of the actor's materials; based on the new play 'Brecht in Babylon' based on 'Rise and fall of the city of Mahagonny'

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