This section is divided in two parts: Video clips of the performances and Video reportage and documentation of activities (past performances, special projects, tourné, events).

Video: Promo

VIDEO PROMO Prometheus in Blues - New version 2010

During the dictatorship of the colonels in Greece, Alexander is arrested. In his last 5 minutes before his execution, he tells us about Prometheus, who has donated the fire to the men. In its deliriums, Alexander 'enbodies' the mythical personage, speaking its same language, the ancient Greek. He tells about the myth in first person, in parallel with its experience of resistance, in the background of ancient and recent musics that recall the deep sense of the Blues of the origins.


VIDEO PROMO Brecht in Babylon

Two fugitives decide to found a city, the city of fun and entertainment: Babylon, the city of freedom. Happiness can be bought? In Babylon yes! If you have money, you can do everything: sex, tranquility, alcohol. But ... but something is missing. What? Humanity. That can not be bought: it has to be discovered and money does not need at all for that.

Video: Documentation

DOCUMENTATION: In search of Axé

'In search of Axè' is a tentative of research inner the body, through the elements that characterize the dance of the Orixàs, of specific qualities of energy (conrispondent at each Orixà), with the proof of trasforming them in theatral instrument: it's a first step in the research of the archetypes associates to each Orixà, a research of energy that goes through and lives our body, from the earth through the ignote.


DOCUMENTATION: Prometheus in Blues - Old version 2007-2009

A man is abbandoned in the desert. His name is Prometheus. A Storyteller walks, alone, and with his guitar tell the myth about the theft of the fire. A history of loneliness and revolt, where two caracters on the stage interact dialectly on the stage of the History: Prometheus, the semigod who renunced to his privileges for an action of freedom, and the Storyteller, a comun man, whose revolt is hidden in the dayly life.


DOCUMENTATION: Tourné 2008 in Bolivia and Perù

Video documentation of 2008 tour in Bolivia: Teatro Municipal (La Paz), FITAZ festival; Peru (Lima): University UCSUR festivals and festivals FITECA (Comas-Lima). We thank all the artists, organizers of the festivals and, in particular, the Italian Embassy in Bolivia, the group Cuatrotablas of Lima and Teatro el Caldero de Mar del Plata (Argentina)


DOCUMENTATION: The river who flows - work-demonstration presented during the XI Encuentro Internacional de Teatro de grupo en Ayacucho (Perù 2008)

The work-demostration analizes the use of the principles of energy in the Orixà dances during the actor's training and his creation of scores. In particular it takes as an example some parts of Prometheus in Blues, showing how the actor uses the qualities of energy working on the characters. Also it tells about the history of Groucho Theatre's research: on the body, on the voice and on the text.